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HTLV protease: synthesis and inhibition

Final Activity Report Summary - HTLV PROTEASE (HTLV Protease: Synthesis and Inhibition)

Our work in this project led to the development of a new method for the chemical synthesis of protein. Chemical synthesis of protein allows the full control on the chemical structure of proteins, which could lead to product with new physical and chemical properties. This is in contrary to the biological methods where it is limited to certain building blocks that are used to assemble the protein structure. Our new methodology will allow us to synthesise the HTLV protease in its natural form as well as its unnatural variations so one may perform studies and achieve results that are otherwise cannot be obtained. For example, we are making progress of making the mirror image of this protein to achieve inhibitors that are have higher stability in biological system. Together, our results will lead to the chemical synthesis of other proteins as well as to the development of new HTLV protease inhibitors.