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Early physics studies and calibration of the ATLAS muon trigger

Final Activity Report Summary - ELPSCAMT (Early Physics Studies and Calibration of the ATLAS Muon Trigger)

Our understanding of particle physics and the universe will be greatly enhanced through the study of high-energy particle collisions at the LHC. A significant part of of this study will be performed at ATLAS particle detector, which will detect the new particles produced by the LHC. In this project, we have contributed to improving the performance of the detector and its associated software, and developed algorithms for detecting new particles that have not yet been discovered and whose discovery will tell us much about the particle world.

We have improved algorithms for detecting particles called muons, have developed algorithms for determining the position of each of the detector's components, performed a simulation study to prepare for the detailed study of particles called J/?, and are working on the detection of new, hypothesised particles that may only be detected by their decay, occurring several meters from their production point. Detection of such particles requires significant modification to the ATLAS software, which we are undertaking.