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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Power and rate efficient modulation in UHF-SHF multicarrier communications


Modern wireless communication systems intend to deliver services characterized by a demand for high data transmission rates and efficient utilization of the allocated bandwidth and energy. In conjunction with higher-layer protocols and parameters, the physical communication layer of such applications (determined by the transmission environment and transmitter/receiver design modules) critically affects the overall system performance.

Besides the allocated bandwidth for each application within the UHF/SHF range, international standards have adopted orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) ¿ which is a special case of multicarrier transmission ¿ as the modulation component of most of them, due to its robustness/resistance against multipath interference (which is a common characteristic of wireless transmissions in the UHF/SHF bands). However, plain OFDM tends to exhibit significant amplitude fluctuations over time, generating a high input back-off ratio at the amplifier and resulting in high power consumption.

This research proposal investigates the potential of using the amplifier characteristics for the design of the appropriate OFDM modulation scheme that better suits the transmission environment and also suppresses the signal amplitude fluctuations, in order to maximize the transmission rate without increasing the power consumption.

Preliminary results have shown that the amplifier input-output voltage function can be used in conjunction with linear-in-time signal precoding to reduce the amplitude fluctuations without reducing the transmitted data rate. Such a development leads to a new direction of a variety of promising problems and solutions.

The proposed research will identify the appropriate parameters to be tuned, determine the relevant optimization criteria, develop a methodology to obtain practical schemes, and derive a framework for the evaluation of the proposed schemes in real problems of practical interest, to demonstrate their quality.

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