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A network for bringing NANOtechnologies TO LIFE

Final Report Summary - NANO2LIFE (A network for bringing NANOtechnologies TO LIFE)

NANO2LIFE was the first European Network of Excellence in nanobiotech supported by the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6). Its aim was to merge existing European expertise in the field of nanobiotechnology. These endeavours were undertaken in order to keep Europe as a competitive partner to the United States and Asia. Europe was meant to be made among the leaders in nanobiotechnology transfer in four years.

In order to accomplish its goals, NANO2LIFE had more than 200 scientists involved in a multi-facetted Joint programme of activity (JPA) aiming at:
- creating the first technological roadmap for nanobiotechnology;
- identifying the key bottlenecks that need to be overcome in nanobiotechnology;
- founding the first European Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects Board (ELSA) in the field of nanobiotechnology;
- implementing a scientific programme focused on twelve strategic research areas, considered as key areas for the future development of innovative nanobio-devices;
- constituting a durable and long lasting integration of the network partners resources;
- supporting mobility among the members in sharing expertise and scientific equipment;
- training the young scientists in complementary disciplines required in nanobiotechnology.

Multimedia supported activities provided through education and awareness of the scientific and industrial community outside of NANO2LIFE. Information was given to the general public about the impact of nanobiotech on industry and society. More than 200 researchers were regularly involved in NANO2LIFE as well as approximately 30 associate partners from industry and academia within Europe and outside Europe.

NANO2LIFE has consolidated its basis and is now recognised as a key network in nanobiotech. NANO2LIFE is ready to cooperate much largely with external partners, from various field under different modalities.