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Advanced Interactive Materials by Design


Urgent needs for better production technologies arise from current development of new pharmaceutical products like fermantation-based antibodies, recombinant proteins or monoclonal antibodies (MABs). AIMs' goal is integrated design of a new class of interactive materials for the use in the pharmaceutical, chemical and bioindustries as well as development of novel materials composed of functional elements (ligands) interacting with target molecules and support structures for separation applications. The radical innovation in MAB production will be an increase in capacity by a factor of 10 to 50 and a decrease in costs of goods by a factor of 10 to 100. The RTD activities will be grouped into 5 sub-projects: Processing, Functionalisation, Parameter Design, Utilisation of Materials and their Applications to Processes.

A detailed process analysis of existing selective materials for MAB separations and material performance in existing applications will be done in the 1st of three project cycles. This will help to gain quantitative benchmarks and parameters for further development of a design method for selective materials with regard to applications. The 2nd cycle will achieve a paradigm shift from product-based empirical material testing to a material design method based on molecular and process performance prediction knowledge.

RTD activities in various disciplines will be combined with training, result dissemination and exploitation. AIMs will supply the methodology for an outstanding performance and flexibility of material producers, process suppliers and process operators. Pharmaceutical products being currently developed will generate a potential market for a new class of interactive materials that can be tailored to the customers' applications in the process industries. Nine industrial partners, i.e. 4 SMEs, 16 outstanding academic partners and 2 stakeholders will be needed over a period of 4 years, which will on the whole amount to about 160.

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