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Research for a new generation of integrated innovation and knowledge management and development of appropriate web-based training methods, tools, and best practice demonstrators ( WEB-TEXPERT)

Final Report Summary - WEB-TEXPERT (Research for a new generation of integrated innovation ... and development of appropriate web-based training methods, tools, and best practice demonstrators)

Looking back at the past 36 months of the WEB-TEXPERT project's duration, the consortium can be proud to report that an almost seamless performance from all project partners could be monitored leading to the timely achievement of all project milestones.

Today, the WEB-TEXPERT portal contains substantial content for European Small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) operating in the textile and clothing industry. Since the content was generated in close partnership with the industry, a wide range of micro-economic processes in the companies are being created and supported.

The consortium is particular pleased to report that the business plan has generated the basis for continuing the WEB-TEXPERT service beyond the project's duration. Twelve members of the WEB-TEXPERT consortium will be forming the WEB-TEXPERT portal group and will continue operating the portal for the duration of at least one year.

In the light of the above, the project must be considered as a success not only in terms of providing solutions for Europe's textile and clothing industry but also for all stakeholders involved in the project's operations, e.g. industrial association and the public decision-maker. Indeed, the concept of research being performed on behalf of industrial association has paid off and can provide an impetus for the design of future publicly funded research initiatives, especially as regards the set priority of research with the requirements of the industry.

During the final phase of the project, special emphasis was placed on reaching out to interested parties outside the consortium and a number of presentations with training components were carried out at trans-European level. The feedback received from the trainees underlined the interest among potential users of the WEB-TEXPERT service in having access to a platform that can provide assistance in the domain of new methods applicable in the textile and clothing industry. This feedback has given the impetus for the creation of the WEB-TEXPERT portal group with the aim of continuing the service for the duration for at least one year.