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Chemical Characterisation and Cycling of Marine Dissolved Organic Matter


Marine dissolved organic matter (DOM) is one of the major carbon reservoirs on Earth. Changes in the magnitude of DOM could affect atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, dramatically impinging on the planet’s climate. The study of DOM has been largely confined to bulk parameters, while its molecular composition remains elusive. The proposed research will consider the molecular composition of DOM, aiming to elucidate its cycling in the ocean. The specific objectives will be to:
a.) Investigate the role of the biological antibiotic processes that play key role in the production of DOM in the surface ocean,
b) study the factors that control DOM degradation and the bio availability and
c) examine the major mechanisms of DOM export from theeuphotic zone and determine the quantity of DOM exported to the deep ocean. The objectives will be achieved by applying a comprehensive set of advanced chemical characterisation and molecular biology techniques. The issues addressed in this study are linked with a number of EU policies under the thematic area 'Global Change and Ecosystem'. The project will involve diverse research training purposes, varying from the transfer of technical knowledge to the encouragement of initiative and co-operation with other scientists. The wide scope of the proposed work, its interdisciplinary character and innovative approach, will create ideal conditions for the consolidation and broadening of the researcher's career prospects in the field of marine science research. The proposed research aspires to provide a link between advanced chemical characterisation techniques, molecular biology applications and the study of global-scale DOM cycling, hence advancing our understanding of the cycling of this important carbon reservoir and promoting the scientific excellence of the EU.

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