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Ultracold atomic gases in periodic potentials


The proposed project deals with ultracold atomic gases in optical lattices and microtraps. Concretely, the goal of the project is to develop theoretically and experimentally discrete solitons in repulsive and attractive Bose Einstein condensates as well as their most promising applications starting with the guiding of coherent matter-waves at will without dispersion, i.e. implementation of routers, blockers and switches for bright discrete solitons.

The engineering of splitters and junctions will also be performed which should lead to the implementation of Bose Einstein condensates interferometers. Apart of these applications, a deep study of the nature and interaction of the discrete solitons is planned. This part of the project will be carried out using both analytical and numerical methods together with a close contact and a direct implication of the applicant in the experiments. Therefore, apart from the theoretical importance of the subject, the realistic possibility to implement the results experimentally and achieve a realization of devices in which transport of coherent matter- waves without dispersion is possible makes the project really a challenge for the research in Europe.

On the other hand, the project also implies a deep extensive theoretical work to extend the results to the strongly correlated regime. Regime without classical counterpart, which will imply the development of new theoretical approaches and might lead to new phenomena.

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