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Intelligent Materials for Active Noise Reduction


Many intelligent materials systems such as fibre composites with embedded pies-ceramics are derived, characterised and applied in smart structures on a laboratory scale without penetrating the existing design rules for engineered structures or being applied in mass products. Intelligent material systems have still an insufficient performance, require an unacceptable electronic periphery, a lack of data on their reliability and cannot be included in the standard design and manufacturing process. The objective of the proposed Integrated Project "Intelligent Materials for Active Noise Reduction (Inman)" is therefore the realization of intelligent, high performing adaptive material systems with integrated electronics able to be applied for noise mitigation purposes, even in highly loaded structures as construction material in the same manner as common passive or light weight materials are used. Aside from the pure development of the material systems itself this research also includes their characterization, simulation tools for the design process, handling and manufacturing techniques as well as their reliability. The newly designed intelligent material systems are applied to active noise reduction concepts based on Active Structural Acoustic Control (ASAC) or Active Noise Control (ANC) for Sound Quality Design. Out of manifold applications, noise problems in land-based traffic and related infrastructure such as buildings, bridges and tunnels are chosen for demonstration. It is expected that for automotives, trains and in civil engineering reduced noise radiation, emission and emission will become even more a design aspect, which cannot achieve by conventional materials and concepts. According to these objectives, Inman is structured in three technology areas dealing with intelligent materials systems, their integration and simulation and life-cycle aspects and in three applications scenarios for application and integration in automotives, trains and infrastructure.

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