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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Neuron Connectivity in the Drosophila olfactory system


Scientific proposal The main scientific goal is to exploit the olfactory map in Drosophilae as an experimental system to uncover gene functions important for neural circuit formation with the following research objectives:
1.Development of new technology for multiple analysis of axon projections.
2.Identification of mutants with defects in establishment of neural identity, path finding and stereotype axonconvergence of the olfactory sensory neurons.
3.To identify the genotype of the isolated mutant Drosophilae lines with the intention to isolate novel genes and/or get new ideas of gene involvement in each biological process.
4.To generate a detailed molecular, biochemical and genetic understanding of the genotypic contribution to the various mutants, creating an increased understanding of the biological function of the particular gene in the circuit and olfactory map formation. The relevance of the proposed project to the objectives of the two programs:
2EIF The project will be a natural continuum of the researcher\'s work within the field of molecular path finding of the mouse complex mouse olfactory system, which will broaden and complement the current methodological and conceptual knowledge and thus give a strong foundation to a future career in molecular olfactory research.
In addition, the exposure of world-class scientists either passing or belonging to IMP provides unique possibilities for establishing future research networks. The work program For the moment Europe has state of the art science within the mammalian olfactory system as well as invertebrate ecology but no developmental studies of the invertebrate olfactory system. Therefore the integration between the Swedish olfactory society and the Drosophilae expertise generated by the mobility within this project will create a firm ground to build a project with large possibilities of interdisciplinary research with a niche in both Swedish and European neurosciences.

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