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Content archived on 2024-05-29

D-branes in String Theory


String theory is a candidate theory for extending the Standard Model of elementary interactions to include gravity in a unified quantum theory. D-branes are extended objects central to modern string theory, as they seem to unlock the non-perturbative structure of string theory, and may ultimately lead to experimental tests of stringy phenomenological models.

This project will analyse three aspects of D- branes in string theory. Firstly, it will investigate D-branes in non-geometric backgrounds, which describe compactifications of string theory to four dimensions. Particular emphasis will be placed on finding new, less symmetric D-branes than those already identified in the literature. Secondly, the project will examine the behaviour of D-branes under the well-known duality symmetries of string theory. A general framework for this will be constructed using orbifold and orientifold backgrounds.

The third part of the project will analyse D-brane interactions in the plane-wave background and their relation to gauge theory in light of the gauge/gravity correspondence. The proposed comparison will allow for an extension of this duality to the non-perturbative regime. This project is at the forefront of today's string theory research and has important theoretical and empirical applications. It investigates several significant gaps in the string theory literature relating to D-branes.

This project will draw on the applicant's previous research on D-branes and on interactions with several members of the Theoretical Physics Group at Imperial College London. In accordance with the activity's objectives this project will allow the candidate to undertake advanced training at the host institution with the aim of increasing his skills and establishing himself as an independent researcher.

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