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A pattern for successful assimilation and integration? Huguenot settlement in Europe (1548-1787


The project proposes an investigation of religious refugees - French Huguenots - migrating to different European destinations: Ireland, Great Britain, Switzerland and Brandenburg-Prussia. The study will investigate if and in what respect migration of French Protestant refugees varies from country to country and how we can explain the differing assimilation and integration processes within Europe. It will seek to identify the range of hosting societies measured by their willingness to integrate migrants. The study will treat of the migrants' reaction to the governments' and/or societies' attempts to integrate them and with the Huguenots own willingness to integrate. The study will also try to define notions and understandings of " successful" or " failed" migration and to explain if there really are models of " successful" assimilation and integration and if migration really can be described in terms of " success" and " failure" Studies on Huguenots are privileged as to a relative richness of primary sources. Yet, while the received perception of Huguenots can be analysed with the help of diaries, letters, petitions to the authorities and newspaper articles, it seems more difficult to retrace assimilation and integration processes. Yet, settlements within pre-existing communities of locals, intermarriage with the indigenous population, the acquisition of the " refugee' s" language and the loss of the French language seem to be categories which allow us to measure the assimilation and integration of migrating groups. A Marie Curie Individual Fellowship would enable me to study the relevant primary sources available at British, Irish, German and Swiss libraries and archives and to write up the results of the research completed. The Centre for the Study of Human Settlement and Historical Change (CSHSHC) would be an ideal setting to carry out a comparative study in Intra-European migration because of its scholarly community dedicated to migration studies.

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