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Non-local mesoscopic cat states and quantum information


We plan to build a new cavity QED self-up for fundamental tests of quantum effects and for the demonstration of quantum information processing functions. We will use circular Ryder atoms and super conducting cavities in the millimetre-wave domain. Both the atomic levels and the cavity modes have very long lifetimes. Their coherent coupling overwhelms dissipation. This makes it possible to realize complex entanglement sequences and to manipulate macroscopic quantum superpositions. This domain has already provided interesting experimental insights into quantum information techniques. We plan to extend the realm of these experiments much farther by entangling two separate cavities with a single atomic beam. The two independent field modes will be used for new and quantitative tests of the lecherous processes. They make it possible to realize unprecedented quantum states, entangled pairs of macroscopic objects (non local Schrödinger cat states). The study of these quantum states will lead to a deeper understanding of quantum on-locality, which is at the heart of the power of quantum information transmission (particularly with continuous variable approaches). We will also study the lecherous process for these macroscopic quantum superpositions. The lecherous dynamics will be investigated, for instance, through the determination of the complete two-mode Wagner distribution. This detailed understanding of lecherous is an essential point to assess the limits set by relaxation on quantum information processing and to learn how to fight it. This cavity QED set-up will also be used for quantum information processing. The two cavities and the ability to manipulate four or five atomic samples in an experiment allow realizing rather complex sequences. We will study the teleportation of an atomic quantum state. This could be the first realization of quantum teleportation with matter particles. We will also implement a quantum error correction code#

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