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Investigation of the viability and cosmological consequences of the curvature corrections of the minimal Randall-Sundrum model.


The proposed project belongs to the Field of bran world physics and aims tale study of new mechanisms in cosmology and local solutions, In the first part of the proposed work, one task will be the investigation of the effective generic bran world dynamics of five-dimensional Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity and the other will be the cosmological consequences of the above, model, when the intrinsic curvature term is Included in the brine action. Using the exterior calculus techniques, the induced bran world modified Einstein dynamics will be derived, and the existence of a (modified) four-dimensional Schwarz child solution will be sought for. This effective gravitational system of equations will not be closed, thus, more than, one four dimensional solutions of particular symmetry will exist, depending on the. Boundary conditions, i.e. on the embedding of the brine art the’ bulk. When including the four-dimensional scalar curvature in the, action the new Hubble equation for cosmology will be derived, the asymptotic regimes (early-late universe) will be considered, and comparison, with other, simpler cosmologies will bell exhibited. Relation with real universe data (nucleosynthesis, cosmic microwave background radiation, cosmological perturbations) will be attempted. Generalizing diatonic Gauss-Bonnet terms will be also considered according to the above lines, A second line of activity of the proposed project will be directed towards the study, through explicit solutions, of the mechanism of energy exchange between brine and bulk, when bulk and/or brine scalar fields are considered, additionally to the five-dimensional Einstein gravity. Based on the Israel, matching, conditions for the metric and the scalar fields, the modified dynamics of the bran world universe will be. Derived and studied, according to the influx or the outflow of energy. The analysis will be performed partially analytically and partially numerically. Global phase

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