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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Scientific forum on transport forecast validation and policy assessment

Exploitable results

The Transforum project is not a research exercise in the traditional sense, but an innovative knowledge forum in which the fitness-for-purpose (FFP) of tools developed for transport policy support are being assessed. The process in which this assessment took place, is characterised by communication between the EC and the Member States, between Member States themselves, between policy-makers, policy analysts and transport modellers, through: - exchange of ideas and experiences about policy-making, definitions and indicators used, as well as transport models and other policy assessment tools available or under development; - support of policy-makers, analysts and others with an interest in transport policy-making, by providing practical information about the fitness-for-purpose of policy support tools and analyses produced in FPs in order to stimulate science-policy collaboration within the policy-making process. The actual FFP assessment method and the interaction are to be regarded as intermediate 'products' of Transforum. Therefore the products of this project are not only a traditional final report and printed documentation, but also less tangible items - above all the forum meetings - that are all about interaction rather than about producing a 'finished tangible product'. As a consequence the products of the Transforum project, intended in the broad sense explained above are: - bringing together transport scientists and practitioners in forum meetings in an intellectually stimulating environment, creating the conditions for high-quality debate on policy-relevant topics. The meetings assist the formulation of recommendations and best practices based on the project results, as well as the shaping of future research agenda, collectively by all participating parties. This kind of process strengthens the commitment to apply the recommendations in future activities and hopefully urges different parties to work together in future policy planning activities. Consequently, Transforum meetings have indeed established an activity that can act as a research-policy network. - critically facilitating other Framework Programme-backed projects to improve their performance by introducing the knowledge and experiences obtained in Transforum through the fitness-for-purpose assessment of these projects and by enabling the projects to present themselves in the protected surroundings of forum meetings. - recommendations to ensure compatibility and convergence between the tools used in the analysis and assessment of transport policy proposals at the European level. - active dissemination of Transforum results: thanks to newsletters, a website disseminating (intermediate) results and a 'dissemination event' at the end of the project. Part of the Transforum approach was intended to facilitate a shift from separation of methodological development of transport related indicators, modelling tools and assessment methods towards a wider perspective of developing them together, complementing each other. This facilitation took place in Transforum project by providing several finished and ongoing FP5 and FP6 projects the possibility of using the forum meetings as a platform for reviewing (intermediate) project results. In particular the project Trans-tools had the opportunity to use the forum meetings as a platform for reviewing its model design. Suggestions to improve the project have been identified by Transforum project and these were taken up by Trans-tools, within the limitations of the project's contract. Moreover, Trans-tools has used the forum meetings to discuss modelling issues with policy-makers.

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