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Globalisation, European economic integration and the impact on national welfare states, labour markets and gender. A comparative analysis of employment and old age pensions in France and Germany


The relative impact of endogenous and exogenous forces, such as those found in the process of globalisation, on the nature of gender relations remains a topic in need of empirical and detailed research. This research proposal aims to address this research gap, focusing on the complex relationship between different political levels and their influences on each other in two countries France and Germany. The proposal is based on a multidisciplinary approach. The basic assumption is that individual welfare in industrialized welfare states depends largely on monetary income. Access to the labour market not only determines the active income (salary) but also the passive income (pensions) and most of the derived transfer payments. The different gender effect of co modification; (access to and dependency on the labour market) in France and Germany justifies the choice of the comparative case study. Starting with the assessment of the economic settings, the objectives are to link up welfare effects of economic policies at the global, European and national level to the problems identified at the local level. Likewise, Once having identified the local problems with regard to the labour market, the pensions system and their gender effect, the aims is to trace back in a «bottom up »-movement their impact on the next higher political level. Last but not least, the aim is to ask for impact of economic policies on the political system as a whole, and specifically, the legitimacy of democratic welfare states.

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