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Manipulation of functionalized molecules on semiconductor and insulator surfaces with a low-temperature STM


The controlled manipulation of individual functionalised molecules on semiconductor and insulator surfaces will be investigated with a low-temperature ultra-high-vacuum Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy (LT-STM). The electronic, chemical and mechanical functions that the molecules can display will be triggered by means of electronic excitation. This will be achieved by using electrons from the STM tip or photons. Various organic molecules (e.g.: biphenyl, p-trephine and 1,4\\\" para-triphenyl diethyl acetone) will be adsorbed on semiconductor (e.g. the well known Is (100)-2x1) and insulator surfaces (e.g.: diamond adsorption (100)). The electronic structure of the adsorbed systems will be investigated and the adsorption type elucidated using Synchrotron Radiation (SR) based Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy (UPS) and Near Edge X-ray Absorption (NEXAFS). The LT-STM will be used to image and characterize spectroscopic ally the single molecules. Finally, a unique combination of LT-STM and ultraviolet (UV) laser will be used to activate configuration changes, lateral movement and molecular assembly. The manipulation of molecules adsorbed on insulator surfaces will be a significant world first. Building on the work already done in the Laboratories de Photo physique Molecular on molecule manipulation and insulator STM imaging, this proposal signifies a step forward in the current scientific capabilities of the host laboratory. A new LT-STM (5K), that has just been commissioned, in combination with a UV-laser will allow us to undertake pioneering studies of molecule manipulation on insulator surfaces. This will give the applicant thorough knowledge of a multitechnique approach including SR based NEXAFS and UPS, LT-STM and the very promising field of Nan science and, in particular, functionalised molecules. Considering the high priority given omniscience in many European countries, this will offer the applicant excellent opportunities for her career.

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