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Integration of TRANSport and urban FORM In the European region of Strasbourg


Land use and transport are closely related to one-another. The complex interactions of structures on local and regional level determine largely every day mobility behaviour. Processes of planning and implementation, however, seem to lack accuracy to control location development at transport nodes according to sustainability issues. The objectives of the project therefore focus on
a) the analysis of impacts of urban form and function on mobility and transport (effectiveness of structures) and
b) the development of methodologies and tools to improve regional planning, cooperation of actors and local implementation (efficiency of processes). Based on an international state-of-the-art and on a comparision of European best practices, the urban region of Strasbourg is chosen as a case study. An analysis of regional and local structures as well as of the underlying planning decisions is at the core of exploring the scope of possible measures and tools. On a conceptualisation level, the experimental development of a regional master plan on location development at transport nodes will be built upon this analysis. It is followed and tested by local implementation on specific project realisations. Feedback between practical implications on regional and local level as well as scientific assessment enable an evaluation and generalization of measures and tools for the "Europe of Regions". From a methodological point of view, a System Thinking approach will be of interest for describing, estimating and assessing the interaction on the levels of impact and process. The partnership of INSA de Strasbourg as participant and ADEUS as local partner institution will induce a promising implication of scientific excellence and practice experience to boost knowledge on interaction and impacts, to elaborate strategies for regional and local governance and to provide fruitful training for the researcher.

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