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Content archived on 2024-05-29

An Integrated Ground Penetrating Radar Based Approach for Remotely Sensing the Soil Physical Properties to Support Precision Agricultural and Environmental Management


The principal objective of this research project is to optimise and to prototype an integrated nearby remote sensing method, supporting the characterization of the within field variability of the soil moisture and salinity within a context of precision agricultural and environmental management. Based on ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology, the project specifically aims to:
(i) optimise radar antennas for shallow subsurface sounding of soil moisture and salinity by means of a homeostatic stepped frequency GPR system;
(ii) improve signal analysis based on the improvements of advanced forward modelling of electromagnetic wave propagation in soils and the inversion of the GPR signature by the inclusion of prior information from hydrodynamic and petrochemical knowledge; and
(iii) improve the understanding of the relationships between geophysical parameters (conductivity and permittivity) and the important soil functional variables (soil water content and salinity). The project applicant will be hosted by a centre of excellence in the area of GPR technology development, namely, the Applied Earth Science Department at TU Delft (The Netherlands).
Specialized equipment, facilities and expertise will allow to conduct the research programme effectively and train the applicant in the multidisciplinary research domain of interest. The high level international scientific environment of the host, the innovative scientific and technical aspects of the project, and the relevance of the project as regards to the Community needs, will lead to durable international collaborations, the creation of international multipart projects, the insurance of European leadership in the domain of interest; and the implementation of activities supporting the priorities defined in the thematic areas "Food quality and safety" and "Sustainable development, global change and ecosystems.

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