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Content archived on 2024-05-29


Final Report Summary - EMF-NET (Effects of the exposure to electromagnetic fields: from science to public health)

Numerous research efforts have been undertaken to investigate the possible health impacts of electromagnetic fields (EMF). Nevertheless, the variety of research centres that operate in the sector and the extent and diversity of relevant activities impede the provision of authoritative and timely input for policy development at the European and international level. Moreover, the produced results are often misinterpreted or inappropriately applied to the various sources or exposure conditions and may not adequately respond to the stakeholders' needs.

The EFM-NET project aimed to overcome these difficulties and facilitate the evaluation of scientific findings regarding the potential health effects of EMF. The project evolved into one of the sectoral leaders through the coordination of research activities and the improvement of understanding of EMF and health issues. A regular update on exploitable research was provided, along with advice for the assessment of policy development options related to public health and consumer protection, health and safety at work, European competitiveness and environmental concerns.

Activities for the broad dissemination of the results were undertaken, including the publication of several fact sheets, reports, expert opinions and books. In addition, the EFM-NET team participated in the organisation of seminars, workshops and conferences which were globally acknowledged as being of major importance. The radical improvement in the available quantity and quality of information led to the estimate that the European Union could hold a leading position in confronting EMF impacts on health.

In order to maintain the acquired level of progress the interpretation of data and the expansion of the established scientific network should be a continuous processes, remaining active after the project completion. The coordination of future actions was highlighted as a task of major importance. Actions regarding the assessment of the exposure of workers and the communication of risks should also be undertaken. Finally, constant effort was essential to evaluate potential health risks of new emerging technologies beyond EFM-NET lifetime.