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Gravitation, Holography and Quantum Gravity


The main aim of this research project is to further the understanding of the so called Holographic Principle, originally formulated by G. t Hooft (who wrote a referee assessment of the applicant). This is a subject that is not only of great intrinsic intellectual interest but has many ramifications across wide areas of physics and mathematics. The Holographic Principle gives a precise, general and surprisingly strong limit on the information content of space-time regions: the total number of independent quantum states grows exponentially with the surface area rather than with the volume of the system. Considering that progress in fundamental physics has often been driven by the recognition of a new principle-examples include the relativity and the equivalence principle- the direction offered by the Holographic Principle is definitively impacting existing frameworks and provoking new approaches. Any theory which incorporates the Holographic Principle must unify matter, gravity and quantum mechanics.
The Holographic Principle conflicts with received wisdom, since it predicts a drastically smaller number of fundamental degrees of freedom than the traditional field theory estimate. It may also prove beneficial to the further development of String Theory, widely considered the most compelling of the present approaches to the Unification of Fundamental Forces. The objectives of this research project are therefore quite interdisciplinary and combine different techniques and approaches, including also investigations in the context of discrete models of quantum gravity. Project objectives are expected to be: Scattering at planckian energies, with particular interest in the corrections to the leading order approximation studied by t Hooft and many others. These corrections should be responsible for the appearance of a discrete spectrum of black hole micro-states.


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