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MIGRATION CIVIL SOCIETY AND CONFLICT: integration and the political mobilisation of immigrants in a territory defined by intra-state conflict


This project aims to provide a theoretical model for the conceptualisation of the link between integration and political mobilisation of immigrant communities within a territory defined by intra-state conflict. The proposed case study is the Latin American immigrant community in Spain\'s Basque Country, as this population represents the largest and the fastest growing segment of the immigrant population. More specifically the research will conceptualise the behaviour of civil society in the Basque Country, this in an effort to explain the integration mechanisms utilised in the process of facilitating immigrants into the daily life of the region. The pertinent research question is: Within a framework of conflict, where do immigrants fit?
The primary objective of the project has two parts. First, to rationalise civil society\'s efforts at integrating immigrants within a political framework, and in this way draw the attention of Peace and Conflict researchers to the connection between integration and political mobilisation of immigrants. Second, the creation of a model to describe it, which can be transported to analyse similar situations elsewhere within and beyond the EU, for example, Northern Ireland. Secondary objectives include the following:
a) To determine how immigrants are integrated into a territory defined by intra-state conflict,
b) To assess the relationship between social assistance offerings and facilitating integration of immigrants into the local workforce,
c) To explain the prevailing cooperative efforts between the three societal domains - the state, private, civil society - in facilitating the integration of migrants to the region, and
d) To fill the dearth in knowledge regarding undocumented immigrants in the region.

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