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ASEM Aquaculture Platform


The objective is to form a platform for activities related to sustainable aquaculture between EU and ASEM member countries through following activities:
1. Build & manage the platform
2. Thematic workshops
3. Dissemination within & beyond the platform
4. Facilitate partnerships & source funding for new projects. All activities will tend to three societal concerns:
1) Fair trade, food security & safety;
2) Environmental sustainability;
3) Social equitability. The platform will consist of a management committee, a steering committee and platform members. It will run for 24months after which it will be sufficiently established in order to successfully introduce an "Integrated Network” under the 6FP.The project is relevant to important EU objectives such as "Rational use of natural resources", "Reconciling multiple demands on coastal zones", "Food safety" & "Aquatic farming systems".
Through its different stakeholders the platform aims to reconcile ecological and socio-economic demands and introducer consolidate concepts of sustainability in aquaculture development in both regions. It will contribute to aquatic food safety by providing sound research results, creating a forum for experts and policy-makers, and by disseminating knowledge up to policy levels as well as down to farmers. Expected results:- a smoothly operating network;- a durable, long-term dialogue between the different stakeholders resulting in durable commitments (Codes of conduct, ...)- workshops that extend a message among and beyond platform members (public opinion, political agenda's, ...);- a comprehensive database, freely accessible via a own homepage with information relevant to sustainable aquaculture in EU & ASEM;- increased transfer of knowledge between different regions & stakeholders;- closer linkage and increased efficiency of European & Asian aquaculture research;- increased efficiency in fund raising and project proposal success.

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