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Content archived on 2024-06-16

New tools and processes for improving machining of heat resistant alloys used in aerospace applications (MACHERENA)


The main objective of the project is the improvement of tools for the machining of heat resistant aeronautic materials. This improvement will translate into larger tool life, better finishing quality of the part or process speed up. This will involve a significant reduction of the machining costs of these materials, and thus the manufacturing costs of the aeronautical parts.
The following processes will be evaluated: drilling, milling and turning. The materials that will be tested are: Ni-Fe alloys, Ni alloys and TiAl intermetallic.
The project aims at improving the tools by means of:
-redesign of the tools
-development and applications of super hard and high toughness nanocomposite coatings
-development of advanced machining processes (high pressure cooling machining)
The nanocomposite coatings will be optimised at laboratory level on samples with the assistance of its characterization (hardness, friction, wear, adhesion, etc) and surface analysis. The optimised treatments will be applied on the selected tools.
The tools performance will be tested both at laboratory level and in industrial conditions: life, failure mode or cooling required will be some parameters that will be tested. Additionally, the failure mechanism of the tested tools will be evaluated, so the optimisation of the tools can be properly oriented. Finally, the tools will be used in the manufacturing of demonstrators, so the developed processes are validated in real working conditions.
The results of this project will lead to a decrease in the manufacturing cost of difficult to machine materials, which will increase competitiveness of aeronautical industry. Furthermore, in the case of Ni alloys or TiAl intermetallic a reduction of these costs will allow the inclusion of a higher number of parts manufactured with these materials in aero engines. In the long term this will result in the production of smaller engines, with improved fuel efficiency.

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