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Detached Eddy Simulation for Industrial Aerodynamics (DESIDER)


The proposed DESider project is motivated by the increasing demand of the European aerospace industries to improve their CFD-aided design procedure and analysis on turbulent unsteady aerodynamic flows. Recent modelling approaches such as DES, hybrid RANS-LES, embedded LES - summarised as RANS-LES methods - but also URANS have not yet reached maturity as general predictive tools for industrial CFD with a "sensible" reliability.

Thus the major aim is to overcome known weaknesses in the different approaches - in order to support the European aeronautics industry by providing method(s) with increased predictive accuracy for flows exhibiting separation, i.e. emphasis must be placed on the enhancement of both the modelling capability of RANS-LES methods and the alleviation of computational costs. In that respect, DESider will close the gap between RANS and LES but is not treating LES as a stand-alone method - as it is known that full LES for practical use will not be available in the next decades.

The main objectives, going to be achieved by gathering expertise from European experts in the field of aerodynamics, turbulence modelling and numerical analysis up to multi-disciplinary design, are summarised as follows:
- Based on the previously developed DES approach, investigate and develop advanced modelling approaches for unsteady flow simulations as a compromise between URANS and LES, which are able to produce LES- comparable results for real aeronautical applications, yet with less costly computational resources than using LES for an employment in industrial design environments.
- Demonstrate capabilities of RANS-LES approaches in solving industrially relevant applications with a focus on aerodynamic flows characterised by separation, wakes, vortex interaction and buffeting, i.e. all flows which are inherently unsteady.
- Investigate further that RANS-LES methods can be well applied to multi-disciplinary topics.

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