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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Interferometric Evaluation of Glacier Rheology and Alterations (INTEGRAL)


The general objective of the INTEGRAL initiative is to promote an advanced observation technology for the unsupervised detection, precise measurement and variation analysis of ice motion / deformation on large European glaciers based on the complementary use of radar interferometer and interferometer altimetry, and to support natural exploration, social-economic activities and subsequent surveys in the glacier environment with equivalent Theological models and appropriate information on the glacier regime in the form of new value-addedINSAR products. Our polar idea is to enhance the detailed ness, accuracy, integrity and versatility of glacierinterferometric models yet without involving complex process artifices and to demonstrate new utilities of differential radar interferometer to operational users working with SAR data from post-operational, operational and upcoming systems such as E-SAR, ERS, SRTM, ENVISAT, RADARSAT, ALOS and CRYOSAT.

The INTEGRAL project is, thus, focused on methodological aspects and empirical issues of glacierinterferometry, and major attention is paid to:
- Design of enhanced algorithms and program tools for processing and fusing SAR interferograms, both air- andspaceborne, with radar altimetry data aimed at precise encoding and upgrading the information content of glacier theological models.
- Application of phase-gradient, offset-tracking and transferential techniques to the detection and interpretation of glacier activity, numerical modelling have the glacier regime, and assessment of main tendencies in the state of land ice resources in response to climate change.

The results obtained by different approaches will be intercom pared and verified during field surveys in several European arctic and alpine test areas. The output products will be appraised and incorporated in the GMESframeworks with the final goal to substantially contribute to the proper maintenance of global environment observation.

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