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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Transcription complex dynamics controlling specific gene expression programs


In the pathways of gene expression, by which information is transferred from DNA to end-up with a functional protein, the first regulated and in most cases rate-limiting step is the process of transcription. Despite the detailed picture that is emerging about the composition of the RNA polymerase-ll machinery, a great number of conceptual as well as mechanistic questions are still needed to be resolved before we can attain a complete picture of the principles employed by living organisms to control this process. One of the main gaps in our knowledge is the limited insight we have on transcription regulation in the nuclear environment. The dynamic association of RNA polymerase-ll with general transcription factor complexes within the nucleus, the trafficking of the components between nuclear structures, the forces governing complex-complex interactions and the pacemaker of their intrinsic dynamics at the DNA-protein surfaces of the genes is poorly understood.

The general goal of the network is to obtain a comprehensive knowledge on the mechanism of regulation of model genes during cell differentiation, cell proliferation and signal transduction. The network will undertake concerted efforts to develop and apply fluorescent imaging techniques, coupled with genetic, proteomic and conventional molecular and cell biology approaches to study the molecular characteristics and functions of individual multiprotein complexes and their dynamic interplay in the context of unique chromatin structures in living cells.Successful execution of the project is expected to result in:
i. New knowledge on the in-situ dynamics of RNA polymerase-ll machinery,
ii. New knowledge on the molecular mechanism of transcription regulation that leads to pathway-specific gene expression programs,
iii. Development of new technologies and research tools.

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