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Demonstration of a flixible plant processing organic waste, manure and/or energycrops to bio-ethanol and biogas for transport


The FLEXFUEL project aims to prove that organic waste, sludge from wastewater treatment plants, animal manure and energy crops may be converted to ethanol and biogas for motor fuel and to fertilizer. This type of treatment plant can be used all over Europe and can produce ethanol at the same price as upgraded biogas.

Furthermore the FLEXFUEL project has as objective to demonstrate how a gradual change to increased use of ethanol, and increased use of biogas for motor fuel may take place with public as well as private owners of motor vehicles. The aim of the FLEXFUEL project will be reached by Designing and demonstrating a plant which produces ethanol and biogas for the Danish island of Ærø. Demonstrating flexible change to using ethanol for transport in Ærø. Designing a plant which produces ethanol and biogas for a larger town, Göteborg, S, and demonstrating innovative upgrading of biogas.


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