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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Coordination Action on the Aetiology, pathology and prediction of type 1 diabetes in Europe


Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) imposes a heavy burden of morbidity and premature death on more than 2 million inhabitants in Europe. To identify new targets for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) greater understanding of the aetiology and pathology of T1DM is crucial. This requires the elucidation of the cellular and molecular mechanisms responsible for T1DM through bringing together leading European centres of expertise in the field of clinical and experimental T1DM research. The capabilities of the European groups participating in this Coordination Action (CA) provide the required technical skills and innovative advances. European diabetes research expertise in T1DM as assembled in this CA proposal will enable the coordination of RTD projects, which are already in receipt of funding for the research part. The research topics to be coordinated in this CA deal with a) molecular mechanisms of beta cell death and signalling pathways of apoptosis in T1DM b) the impact of environmental factors upon the genetically based regulation and progression of T1DM c) the use of established and new animal models to unravel the molecular mechanisms of the aetiology and pathology of T1DM d) the role of the cellular immune system in the pathogenesis of T1DM. The financial support for this CA will allow the running of the coordination activities. The workplan comprises eight workpackages (WPs). Four WPs deal with the specific CA co-ordination activities, directed towards the four major scientific objectives of the research to be coordinated. Three WPs deal with the overall CA co-ordination activities and one WP comprises the CA management activities. This will make it possible to detect the underlying causes of T1DM with the aim of identifying targets for prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

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