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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Eicosanoids and Nitric Oxide: Mediators of Cardiovascular, Cerebral & Neoplastic Diseases


The Eicosanoids and nitric oxide (NO) are important signalling molecules in many physiological and pathological pro-cesses, including cardiovascular, cerebral and neoplastic disorders. Together, these diseases account for the vast maj-ority of deaths in Europe and represent an enormous health problem with a major socio-economic impact. We have assembled a large and highly competitive Consortium, positioned at the forefront of eicosanoid and NO research. The partners will jointly carry out an ambitious project, aiming to increase the knowledge of these autacoids, with the goal to develop novel therapeutic strategies and medical treatments.
We will carry out molecular studies on key enzymes and receptors to elucidate biochemical properties, catalytic mechan-isms and structure-function relationships. We will address the functional genomics of the Eicosanoid and NO cascades to characterize gene expression profiles and regulation under normal and disease states, and identify novel potential drug targets. New genes will be characterized using proteomics, structural genomics and model organisms. In parallel, the partners will conduct cell biological work on gene regulation, gene silencing, signalling systems and cross-talk between pathways. This information will be used in studies of disease mechanisms such as inflammation, immune responses and angiogenesis. In turn, these insights in pathology will be translated into investigations of diseases using animal models and clinical applications.
The basic research together with applied and clinical studies will act in synergy to identify novel targets for pharmacolo-gical intervention and drug design for the treatment of patients suffering from cardiovascular, cerebral and neoplastic disorders. Moreover, our Consortium will work in alliance with industry and is expected to generate an integrated infra-structure for R&D, training and mobility of researchers, exploitation and dissemination.

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