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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Inflaton-Sneutrino Leptogenesis and Lepton Flavour Violation


The aim of this project is to investigate in detail, in the context of the minimal super symmetric seesaw model, a leptogenesis scenario in which heavy neutrinos play a role of inflation, and to derive constraints and predictions on the lepton flavour violating (LFV) charged lepton decays in this case. In this scenario the reheating of the Universe, baryon asymmetry of the Universe, anisotropy in the Cosmic Microwave Background and lepton flavour violation can all be simultaneously related tonight neutrino masses and mixings. This framework is predictive due to fewer free parameters than in the case of general thermal leptogenesis. We solve a relevant set of coupled Boatman equations for reheating and for leptogenesis, parametrizing neutrino Yukawa couplings through the light and heavy neutrino masses. For the parameters giving successful leptogenesis we compute threats of lepton flavour violating moon and taut decays. Those results are handled to the physics analyses group of the CMS experiment at LHC, which will search for LFV taut decays in their experiment. Undertaking the project at Community level will increase European research excellence and competitiveness (including the Estonian one) via scientific results of the project and via contributing to forming the physics program for the top European experiments. Both those criteria meet the objectives of strengthening the European Research Area. For the applicant personally this project will allow to carry out cutting-edge science, which secures his scientific independence and excellence, and, via re-integration, opens up a possibility for his long-term employment by the host institution.

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