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Pathogenesis of mitochondrial disorders - Focus on mitochondrial RNA


All human cells contain mitochondria, organelles that perform functions critical for cellular respiration. Several essential polypeptides that comprise the mitochondria respiratory chain are encoded by the mitochondria genome (medina), a relatively small molecule that is housed in the matrix of the organelle. In addition to these polypeptides, medina also encodes all the ribosomal and transfers RNA necessary for their intramitochondrial synthesis. Remarkably, although defects of medina cause a series of severely debilitating genetic disorders, our understanding of many of the fundamental processes involving the genetic expression of medina remains rudimentary. Exploration of this fascinating and relatively under populated field of science will provide excellent training opportunities for MCEST Fellows. After completing and INDUCTION MODULE to familiarise themselves with life in Newcastle and in the area of Mitochondriology, trainees will embark on MODULES SPECIFIC to their chosen RESEARCH PROJECT and the project itself. The MITOCHONDRIAL RESEARCH GROUP is in a position to offer TRAINING of the HIGHEST CALIBRE. It is regarded internationally as a CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE with an impressive publication record. It has successfully trained young scientists who have now taken up permanent academic and industrial positions in other countries (England, Germany, Poland, US, Australia, and Iran). The MITOCHONDRIAL RESEARCH GROUP both organise and participates in International Symposia. All MCEST Fellows would be invited to attend and participate in the Conferences relevant to their research interests. They would be encouraged to avail themselves of the impressive links that exist with other research groups in Europe, providing numerous training opportunities for any techniques not currently available in Newcastel. In summary, we are confident that the MITOCHONDRIAL RESEARCH GROUP can offer a COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING PROGRAMME to MCEST Fellows in an internationally ACTIVE environment.

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