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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Integrated design and product development for the eco-efficient production of low-weight aeroplane equipment (IDEA)


The project aims at substituting aircraft components like seat frames and electronic casings by cast magnesium parts. Integration of Mg-alloys into aerospace industry will reduce airplane's weight, improve noise damping and reduce fuel consumption and air pollution. Although Mg-alloys are increasingly used in automotive industry, Mg-technology needs to be further developed for aerospace industry. Nowadays less than 20 cast Mg-alloys are available, however approximately 97% of CAS-tings are made of AZ91, AM50/60 and WE54 or AS21. Until now it is believed that potential increase of Mg-alloys application is in the automotive industry, especially in components subjected to elevated temperature (gear box, oil panel, engines). Thus, there is a need to increase the number of Mg-alloys for aerospace applications with their specific requirements to strength, damping properties, corrosion resistance etc. Since there is a lack of knowledge on characteristics and advantages of Mg-alloys and a lack of approved standards for Mg-components, the project will inform aviation designers on usability of Mg-alloys and contribute to standardisation.

Project objectives:

1.To develop new light weight Mg-alloys fulfilling requirements for cast ability, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of cast components like strength, damping properties, high performance impact etc.

2.To optimise high pressure die casting, investment casting, and sand casting processes for Mg-alloys including the development of a novel ceramic shell for Mg-investment casting.

3.To develop and use specific simulation tools for determination of local mechanical part properties and virtual standard tests of Mg-castings.

4.To prepare a design manual for cast magnesium components as a guide for aviation designers to select convenient Mg-alloys and production methods for aircraft components.

5.To produce 2 demonstrators for typical thick-walled and thin-walled aerospace applications.'

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