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Enzymology of Polyketide Biosynthesis


Polypeptides are natural products isolated from plants, bacteria and fungi. These compounds have huge impact as pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals and are key products of large multinational companies. Polypeptides are synthesised in nature by enzyme complexes called polypeptide syntheses (PKS). This project brings together a multidisciplinary group of scientists from the University of Bristol with an established track record of excellent research and training in the PKS area. Seven scientists, including two women, will form a group with the critical mass required to compete with international competition. The BRISENZ project will train seven early stage researchers on a focussed multidisciplinary project to push forward research into the structure, activity and chemistry of PKS with the aim of understanding and exploiting these syntheses for the future rational production of new drugs. The BRISENZ project will be based in the School of Chemistry and Department of Biochemistry at Bristol. Both of these departments have received the highest rating for research achievement and potential in the UK. Both departments have established and proven track records of training Ph.D. students to high standard, through structured research and training within formal Graduate Schools. The individual research projects to be carried out by the EST students will be multidisciplinary and offer the students excellent opportunities for training. The BRISENZ project aims to fulfil demand for qualified Ph.D. graduates from industry and academia and also the demand for high quality training by European students. The project will offer tangible benefits to the BRISENZ researchers, the University of Bristol and the EST students through improved research and training. Another outcome will be improved competitiveness with groups in the USA and Japan, and increased likeliness of future research benefits as the seven trained EST students take up research careers in the EU.

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