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CERN Schools of Computing for the LHC Computing Grid


This proposal concerns a series of four annual schools as part of the CSC (CERN Schools of Computing) programme, covering the period 2004-2007. CSCs are two-week schools, attended by up to 80 students, taking place in one of CERN's Member States, leading t o an optional examination and certificate of proficiency, comprising lecture series and practical work (project-oriented). The proposed series will focus on the computing technologies needed for the LHC, CERN's new accelerator to be put in operation in 200 7. One of the biggest challenges that the LHC is facing is to build a global computing environment, the LHC Computing Grid (LCG), to meet requirements far beyond any past demand: 11 petabytes of data to be recorded per year, a hundred thousand of today's f astest processors. Technologies specifically relevant to the LHC Computing Grid, to be covered during the series will include: ? Grid middleware: Virtual Organization (VO) management; data management; resource location and brokering; security including PKI s, authentication, authorization; system monitoring and error handling. ? Very-large scale computing: large-scale mass storage (incl. management of high-capacity disk/tape systems); high-end compute farms for intensive data processing; very-high bit-rate n etworks. ? Software management for large-scale distributed projects Key distinguishing feature: Novel technologies such as Grid middleware are rarely taught from a practical angle. The yearly program will adjust to the progress of the LCG, taking into acco unt actual results and lessons learnt from the phased implementation. Training will be practical, not purely theoretical, will match the reality and reflect problems encountered. Strategic importance: It is admitted that Grid technologies will permeate the society at large - industry, SMEs, residential users - and that it is of strategic importance that a Grid technical culture be created among European computer scientists #'

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