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Series of Events in Applied Infrastructure and Policy Training (INFRATRAIN)


The Series of Events in "Applied Infrastructure Research and Policy Training" (INFRATRAIN) is designed to promote the training of junior researchers and future policy makers by senior academics and practitioners in the area of infrastructure development in the European Union. The Series of Events picks up urgent issues in European infrastructure policy, such as the need for long-term investment, fair and efficient prices, and the development of Trans-European Networks. INFRATRAIN will consist of f ou r even ts between 2004 and 2006, covering the following topics: a) Long-Term-Contracts and Investment in Infrastructure Provision in Europe (31.03.-03.04.2004) b) Competition and Regulation in Europe's Network Industries (29.09.-02.10.2004) c) Pricing and Chargin g for European Infrastructure (28.09.-01.10.2005) d) Financing European Infrastructure (27.09.-31.09.2006) The INFRATRAIN Series of Events is structured as a "summer school", running from Wednesday to Saturday, and includes three different methods: classro om lectures, workshops, and training sessions. Each event will be animated by three or four keynote speakers and workshop leaders; training sessions will also be held by practitioners. INFRATRAIN will be managed by the Workgroup for Infrastructure Policy ( WIP) at Berlin University, one of the leading German institutions in applied infrastructure research with strong experience in European research projects and training programs. The scientific leadership will be carried by Professor Christian von Hirschhaus en, an internationally renowned researcher and policy consultant in infrastructure policy. The scientific quality of the Series of Events will be assured by associating leading European researchers and institutions, such as Cambridge University (Prof. Davi d Newberry, Prof. Michael Pollitt), Ecole des Mines de Paris (Prof. Francois Leveque), Université de Toulouse (Prof. Jean-Jacques Laffont), and University of Las Palma#'

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