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Magnetism and Magnetic Resonance of Molecules


In the era of Nan technology molecular magnetism is experiencing a large and increasing interest since the observation that molecules can behave like magnets, thus representing the ultimate step in the process of miniaturization of magnetic memories. Moreover magnetism is relevant to such diverse field as solid-state physics and biology and recently the impact of chemistry has dramatically increased with the development of molecular magnetism. To provide training in this field means learning techniques, such as magnetometer and EPR, which can be used in the different scientific areas beyond the field of Nan sciences. The research training will allow the fellows to use state-of-the-art apparatus for magnetic measurements and EPR spectroscopy. In particular they will use a continuously up-dated High Field High Frequency EPR spectrometer (12 T up to 1 The) one of the few existing in the world, together with 95 GHz W-band, X-band and Q-band spectrometers. HF-EPR spectroscopy is rapidly developing and is promising to allow to record spectra of systems, which so far have been EPR-silent. These techniques will be applied to molecular magnets and metalloproteins. The fellows will learn how to analyse and rationalize the experimental results using several different theoretical tools, ranging from spin Hamiltonian to DFT approaches. At the end of the training the fellows should be able to correlate the magnetic properties of the systems of their interest with their structures. The Florence laboratory is a world leader in molecular magnetism, especially in the use of magnetic resonance and magnetic measurements for investigating single molecule magnets, molecular based materials and metalloproteins. The applicants should preferably have a background in physical, inorganic, bioinorganic or organic chemistry, or in physics and attitude to experimental work strongly backed to theory. Applications from women and people from less favoured regions are strongly encouraged.

Field of science

  • /natural sciences/chemical sciences/analytical chemistry/spectroscopy
  • /natural sciences/chemical sciences/inorganic chemistry/metals
  • /natural sciences/chemical sciences/organic chemistry
  • /engineering and technology/medical engineering/diagnostic imaging/magnetic resonance imaging
  • /natural sciences/physical sciences/condensed matter physics/solid-state physics
  • /natural sciences/chemical sciences/inorganic chemistry/inorganic compounds

Call for proposal

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Funding Scheme

EIF - Marie Curie actions-Intra-European Fellowships


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