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Forum Scientium Sensing Science Early Stage Research Training Centre


The proposed 'Sensing Forum' at Link ping University, Sweden, is primarily built on two existing organizations. Forum Scientism that is a multidisciplinary graduate school within Life Science Technologies and Biomedicine with an emphasis on Sensing Science, and S-SENCE that is a Swedish Centre of Excellence in Bio- and Chemical Sensor Science and Technology. The research in the early stage-training programme is chosen to allow a multidisciplinary approach to scientific questions within the sensing science area. The main research area concerns multisensor systems, e.g. electronic noses and electronic tongues. In these, signals from sensors with different sensitivities are combined to a response pattern specific for e.g. an odour. Biosensors based on synthetic peptides, as well as DNA and protein arrays using molecular electronics are examples of research projects well aimed for the students participating in the proposed programme. The work includes both exploratory projects as well as application driven projects with industry. In all areas there are ongoing high-level research, which will secure that a fellow choosing to work in any of these areas, will be given excellent supervision and support. All students in the training programme will take part in the regular activities of the graduate school in which altogether 57 PhD-students have so far been admitted. Of these five were/are from other European countries than Sweden. It has also hosted so far seven students participating in the Marie Curie Training Site that started here during end of year 2000. In the beginning of 2004, there are 22 PhD-students in the graduate school. All activities are done using the English language. Examples are weekly meetings, study visits to interesting companies, interesting seminars, trainees at other laboratories, summer schools, and common PhD-courses.

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