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John Innes Centre International Student Bursaries for Early Stage Training


There will be three related training programmes (total 396 months, with training starting October 2004).
(1) 3-Year PhD Programme (6 Fellowships, 216 months);
(2) 4-Year PhD Programme (6 Fellowships, 144 months from EU, with an equivalent 2-year contribution from a second sponsor). The 4-year PhD programme involves three research rotations in the first year, followed by a 3-year research project as above;
(3) Short-term Fellowships (3 Fellowships of 12 months duration, total 36 months). Short-Term Fellows will undertake one to three short research projects similar to those in the 4-Year PhD programme. They will be registered for an appropriate MSc degree. Taught courses and a wide range of seminar programmes will provide opportunities for a broad-based scientific and technical training. All students will attend a 10-day course on complementary professional skills. Some research training will involve links with industry. The John Inns Centre is affiliated to the University of East Anglia, Norwich, where all Fellows will be registered for research degrees. Each Fellow will be guided by an individual research supervisor, and advised by a supervisory committee that meets regularly to discuss research progress, plans and further training and career objectives. A Graduate Studies Committee monitors the effectiveness of all postgraduate training at the Centre. The main research objectives are: - to discover basic biological processes in plants and micro organisms; to develop and apply the platform technologies that underpin modem molecular biology, and to create plants and bacteria of enhanced value. This provides an excellent training environment and a springboard for careers in academic or industrial research.

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Norwich Research Park, Colney
United Kingdom