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NMR in Inorganic Structural Biology


This host institution is a Research Infrastructure supported by the European Commission for providing transnational access to biological NMR. The infrastructure is uniquely equipped with a large number of NMR spectrometers ranging from 900MHz down to 0.01MHz through 800MHz, two 700MHz, 600MHz, 500MHz and 400MHz spectrometers. It has a specialised tradition in the investigation of metalloproteins and in particular of paramagnetic metalloproteins.

The aim of this application is that of moving ahead the perspective of Biological Inorganic Chemistry through the training of a new generation of doctorate students, trained at the interface between biology and inorganic chemistry through biocomputing and biospectroscopy. The availability of high technology NMR methods to study at the atomic level the structure and mobility of metalloproteins and their adducts with physiological partners and small synthetic ligands is of crucial importance in the post-genomic era. The use of the genomic databases will be exploited through bioinformatic tools for the selection of proteins for expression and for characterisation in terms of structure, stability, recognition of biological partners, specificity and discovery of new folds and functions.

Chemistry oriented fellows will develop aspects related to the role of metal ions in biological systems; biologically oriented fellows will go through an integrated approach from genome to proteins by using high throughput techniques, bioinformatic tools and will be exposed to spectroscopic techniques; biophysics oriented fellows will develop technological and scientific aspects through the use of high and low field NMR and flanking biophysical spectroscopy. The long-term educational aim is to create scientists capable to frame specific problems in a general context, to consider multi-disciplinarity as a primary need and to consider trans-national collaboration as a requirement to develop a coherent generation of European scientists.

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