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Regulation and Variability of Animal Genome Expression


The Early Stage Training project aims to fix the backgrounds for developing animal 'integrative biology' studies. The project proposes solid disciplinary training, opening out to multidisciplinary approaches and the creation a new inter-sartorial training. It comprises theoretical and experimental training and plans to integrate 13 Marie-Curie fellows (5 PhD and 8 12 to 18-month programmes).

The training is divided under two main areas:
i) from genetic variability to genome expression and
ii) from genome structure to genome expression.

The theoretical training is based on existing units on genetic variability, regulation of gene expression in eucalypts and embryonic development and a new unit in 2004, and immunogenetics. The experimental training is a selection of research programs currently developed by the teams involved in the project and will analyse the link between genetics and genome structure and/or expression in different animals with the final aim of understanding better immunity and defence, tissue growth and cell proliferation or embryonic development and differentiation. A general training plan will be proposed to the Marie-Curie fellows for implementing their research and their future career. They will be supported and supervised by multidisciplinary committees. The project will take place in an interjectorily research centre devoted to animal health, physiology and genetics, located in one of the most developed research area in Europe. It belongs to a National Research Institute working for more than 50 years on Agronomical research.

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