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Micro Fluidic Total Analysis System Design


A key research area in the biotechnology sector is focussed on micro-scale fluid mechanics, whereby a small biological sample is processed and manipulated through a series of micro scale channels and manifolds: the so-called Lab-on-a-chip, or micro Total analysis system. The Stocks Research Institute at the University of Limerick proposes an EST Host Fellowship. The objective is to provide training on micro-Fluid Total Analysis System Design (m-Flutes). With a background in thermal and fluids research, the SRI is currently active in m-TAS research, developing measurement tools, designing micro device components, manufacturing procedures for micro-systems, and understanding the thermal and fluidic transport processes. Four training positions are proposed:
- Postgraduate PhD Student to develop optical measurement tools,

- Postgraduate PhD Student to develop a micro-device, * Postgraduate PhD Student to develop an m-PCR device,

- Postgraduate PhD Student to investigate mixing at the micro-scale. The proposed EST is relevant to the objectives of the Marie Curie Early Stage Training in the following ways:

- Opportunities for young researchers to work in Ireland in a cutting edge technology sector

- Improve the status of Europe in this field through the generation of theses, patents, and Journal publications

- Provide four highly trained micro-systems focussed specialists for the European Biotechnology industry

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