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Bioprospecting of Amazonian microorganisms and plant secondary metabolites - Workshop and course


The proposed workshop and course will transfer of skilled knowledge in basic research, economic opportunities of biotechnology and initiation of an awareness rising process of the sensitive ethical questions according to this topic. Transfer of practical know-how in prospecting strategies, identification of micro organism, and characterization of plant secondary metabolites, from European universities (Austria and Finland), to universities, other educative organizations and private enterprises in Pan-Amazonian. Widen an international expert-network, to transform Amazonian biodiversity into added value and regulate the access to genetic resources and the sharing of the benefits arising from their use, with a view to provide compensation to the centres of origin of genetic resources and the holders of traditional knowledge used in biotechnological inventions, as postulated by the Convention on Biological Diversity Therefore the organization activities will focus on a 3 weeks PRACTICAL COURSE for training experts, professionals and students in microbiological, chemical and molecular biological methods, followed by a 3 days WORKSHOP, bringing together high level experts from Europe and Pan-Amazonian to a sustainable network of scientific cooperation.

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Ferdinand loewestrasse, 21/3

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