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The goal of this research project is to study and develop novel synergistic technologies for the next generation of high performance biochips, for future applications e.g. in accelerated drug discovery, diagnostics and personalized medicine. One of the key technologies relies on a predictable self-organization of fluids, using both static and dynamic formats will be utilized. The formats will be combined to overcome current bottlenecks in the automation of high throughput assays, and will also be used for the development of a new concept for automated chip replication. Other complementary technologies deal with surface-expanded high-density bio probe arrays, including the use of novel polymers. Also, novel magnetic bio Nan wires, controlled by an external magnetic field onto a platform of magnetic handouts, will be explored. It is anticipated that the use of these technologies will provide unique possibilities to increase legend density, as well as enhanced kinetics, resulting in enhanced sensitivity and faster assay performance. A third technology based on externally applied surface acoustic waves will be incorporated into the platform, yielding extremely efficient agitation of Nan droplets. Finally, a Nan electrochemical detection system will be developed. The technologies will be combined to yield an optimised Nan array chip, including the novel fluid agitation and bio-Nan wires principles. The optimised structure will be tested using standard bioassays, and the results obtained will be compared with performance data, obtained from similar experiments with state of the art biochips.

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