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New Generation of GaN-based sensor arrays for nano- and pico-fluidic systems for fast and reliable biomedical testing


The goal of the project is to develop a novel Gallium Nitride (Gann) based integrated system for fast physical, chemical, and biological analysis of metabolites, Pharmaceuticals, proteins and pathogens in aqueous particle- and picot-droplets. The research is motivated by the need of hospitals and laboratories for tools enabling identification and screening of large numbers of samplescontaning small volumes of disease-associated substances. High-rate, efficiency, and sensitivity of analytical sample-processing that are crucial for early detection of substances associated with diseases such as AIDS or Creutzfeldt-Jakob will directly contribute to improved quality of life and reduction of medical treatment costs. GaNano explores the frontiers of Nan technologies through development and integration of electronic sensor arrays, optical components (visible and UV light emitters and detectors), and fluidic-fluidic dosing device, to form a multifunctional system based on Gann micro- andnanostructures. Optimised for physical, chemical, and biological analysis of very small amounts of liquid, the system will support long-term innovations in bio-medical applications, industrial testing, and development of Pharmaceuticals. Specific objectives are to:
- process Gann based electronic sensor arrays on transparent chips for chemical and physical analysis of particle- and picot-droplets,
- develop InAIGaN/GaN optical sensor arrays combining UV light emitting and laser diodes with detector arrays for spatially and energy resolved fluorescence spectroscopy,
- modify an inkjet-like dosing system for particle- and droplets-droplets containing large biopolymer assemblies such as proteins or viruses,
- develop and apply organic test substances and optical markers for particle- and picofluidicsystems and functionalise sensor surfaces enabling selective biological characterisation
,- integrate the dosing system with the electronic and optical sensor arrays into a multifunctional system.

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