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Artificial Nanomaterials for Short Wavelength Emission in the infraRed


The project ANSWER addresses the development of a new class of artificial materials for quantum cascade lasers. ANSWER is the response to fill the technological gap of semiconductor lasers in the3-5/ym wavelength region. In this project we propose a Nan technological solution based on large conduction band offset semiconductor heterostructures:
These materials are needed for the realization of 3-5//m QC lasers. This wavelength region promises to bring substantial benefits to several important applications such as optical free-space communications and laser based spectroscopy for trace gas detection. These applications, that stand to improve Europe's social and industrial infrastructure, are undeveloped due to the lack of practical laser sources. The QC laser uses nanometre scale layers of semiconductor material to quantum mechanically engineer the electronic and optical properties of the device. This gives added functionality to these semiconductors, over and above their natural properties, and in this respect creates an artificialnanomaterial. Through this project we aim to advance Europe's leading position with regards to Classer technology and thus create the foundations to stimulate future industrial development within theE.U.The consortium brings together some of the leading players in QC laser technology, who have a world class reputation, a proven research track record and a wealth of experience for QC laser development. The main project objectives are) To make significant advances in the production of new large conduction band offset material platforms for QC lasers) Assess new technologies and quantum designs for quantum cascade lasers in the 3-5µm gal.) Develop QC technologies that act as stepping-stones towards 1.55µm emission wavelengths. The ultimate project deliverable is to produce a laser working under continuous wave (CW) operation, with simple thermoelectric cooling.

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