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Molecular Imaging for Biologically Optimised Cancer Therapy

Final Report Summary - BIOCARE (Molecular Imaging for Biologically Optimised Cancer Therapy)

Early tumour detection and response monitoring require maximum sensitivity and specificity of the imaging methods. The project focused on the clinical evaluation and development of new more specific molecular tracers for the early detection of tumour cells. A large number of new and potentially more specific tracers than fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) were tested, including amino-acid analogues, small tumour-binding peptides, aptamers, peptides binding to mutant p53 proteins and nanoparticles.

The more tumour specific the tracer, the more accurately it will be possible to image the true tumour cell density, and more importantly, the true response of the tumour to therapy. There is also a need to consolidate the experience in the use of recently developed molecular tracers to assess radiotherapy and chemotherapy response in order to improve on state-of-the-art treatments.