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High Performance Industrial Protein Matrices through Bioprocessing


Novel enzymatic technologies will be developed for production of high performance, economically viable protein matrices with tailored properties leading to enhanced surface/bulk characteristics. These novel materials will be exploited in textile, leather, materials & medical industry. The choice of matrices is focused on materials Nature has already engineered. Scientifically the objective is to discover novel enzymes capable of modifying/grafting functional groups onto protein matrices, to generate knowledge on enzymatic reaction mechanisms in molecular level using model substrates and to apply this knowledge to real substrates i.e. materials like wool, silk, leather, feather to produce novel tailored materials:
-define accessibility and reactivity of target groups in heterogeneous protein matrices
-develop screening methods and screen for novel enzymes catalysing modification of protein matrices
-produce novel enzymes in pilot scale
-exploit novel enzymes in order to develop tailored materials e.g. grafting antimicrobials, hydrophobic agents; cross linking, restructuring, reinforcing to design materials with new properties; producing added-value products from waste material. Proposed STRP integrates complementary know-how from 4 EU and 2 Associated countries. Combination of different expertise of microbiology, biochemistry, enzymologist, fibber research, material science and industry into an interdisciplinary project will create efficient synergy. STRP corresponds to NMP- generating fundamental knowledge, developing generic technologies, fostering strong position of EU industry in area of smart coatings and thin films functionality by implementing enzyme-catalysed processes & to NMP- defining accessibility of specific target groups for enzyme-catalysed fictionalisation in protein matrices through reaction modelling & to NMP- developing sustainable solutions through bioprocesses aiming at creating knowledge-based industries.

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