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New Road Construction Concept (NR2C)


European countries contain a large amount of surface transport infrastructure, which sometimes appears inappropriate to meet societal demands.Road-building techniques have developed slowly, due to a limited number of significant technical breakthroughs, poor coordination among stakeholders and a focus directed primarily on resolving current problems.No global European road concept has yet come to the fore; the upcoming enlargement of the European Union should heighten the acute need for a sustainable integrated European surface transport network.Road-related budgets have been steadily decreasing while user expectations become more demanding and contradictory: increased transit capacities, higher safety levels, pollution mitigation (sound, air), aesthetic integration. Creating a global vision for the road of the future and confronting both technological and societal problems within a single research process have thus taken on urgency; such is the objective behind the NR2C proposal. Based on a large survey among road stakeholders, this project is aimed at selecting safe, environment-friendly and subtle concepts in order to strike a compromise between reduced global construction/maintenance costs, safety and environmental criteria.A number of innovations targeted for different social and geographical environments will be selected to achieve pilot applications in support of a long-term perspective. NR2C will consider urban and interurban areas as well as needs specific to Western and Central Europe;bridges, considered as single network nodes,will be studied separately. FEHRL(Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories)will perform a decisive clustering role in addition to conducting major dissemination actions.Moreover the management function will be given special attention via a dedicated work package.Special efforts will be made to avoid duplication with ongoing projects backed by either previous FPs or other European and international bodies.

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