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Nanomagnets by Self Organisation


This project aims at developing a technology for the production of highly ordered patterns of nano-magnets, based on self-organized processes. The dimensions of the individual magnetic dot structures in the nanometer regime promise ultrahigh densities of single domain magnets usable for magnetic ultra-high density storage.

Two promising self-organized fabrication approaches of ordered nano-magnet arrays are developed in this project. The first approach uses a multi-layered structure, consisting of a thin (<5nm) magnetic layer, embedded between two GaSb-semiconductor layers. The top GaSb layer is eroded in a normal incidence ion sputtering process, producing a hexagonally ordered dot pattern. As the ion erosion process proceeds into the metal layer a hexagonal ordered metallic nano-pattern emerges with dimensions in the range of 15 to 100nm.

The second approach based on SiGe substrates, which are covered by a checkerboard-like pattern of pyramids, formed during controlled growth of SiGe-alloys. Deposition of magnetic material under normal or grazing incidence results in a formation of a pattern of magnetic islands.

The size of the individual pyramidal structures can be varied in the lower nanometer range. In addition to the process know-how for the fabrication of these magnetic nanodots, a large body of nano-analytic investigation will be performed, concerning magnetic behavior, structure and composition of the dots, accompanied by the development and tribological characterization of protective coatings.


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